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Today's politics needs more than just talk.

It needs thinkers and right now it needs particular factors.

I am a 58-year-old from Helsinki Vantaa integration in the field of IT consulting firm CEO ( JTV FIN Consulting ), whose tasks include such things as security-privacy-issues, mainly, however, companies in the IT solution consulting. As an integral part of my work, I also have the honor of assisting customers with the licensing challenges of their applications. To life does not get too easy to light functions as an entrepreneur through which consulted a correct lifestyle and nutrition importance.


In today's politics, I am actively involved in events (currently more active in various social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ), where I provide people with a good channel to influence and discuss everyday challenges such as access to services, education, transport, zoning, etc. so I get to follow from the fence how different immigrants coming here from different sides and for different reasons are. As I myself am not in a position to directly influence who comes here, I seek to focus on the rapid integration and entry into the employment of those who come here so that they can integrate into this society as quickly as possible.

My own local operations focus on central Vantaa, the area of ​​the rapidly developing Aviapolis. In my work, I strive to ensure that services and people in the Aviapolis area meet effortlessly now and in the future.


The Coalition Party of Aviapolis, which is the local association of the Vantaa Coalition Party, is my political home. I work as a local association board chairman and I'm also involved in the Vantaa Coalition Party government. From the beginning of 2020, I also serve as a deputy member of the Board of Uusimaa Coalition Party.

Aura Salla, Janne Viljanen
Petteri Orpo, Janne Viljanen
Sauli Niinistön kampanjointia Vantaalla
Janne Viljanen, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen



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For any questions, you can reach me either by phone on 050 514 6543 by sending an email to: or you can write your message here:

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Join Kokoomus

Are you interested in the activities of the Coalition Party or have you considered joining the Coalition Party? You can get involved by joining the Coalition Party as a direct member or a local association in your area.

The local association in my area, Vantaa, is the Aviapoliksen Kokoomus, which you can easily join here:

Come and make a difference.

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