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The background of my values

The world of human values is a conceptual ability that changes over a lifetime in accordance with what one has learned and the ability to apply what one has learned in practice. The world of values is the cornerstone of each of us, on which we always strive to rely. There you will usually find the ability to embrace things, act empathetically, be honest with yourself and others.

Usually, we regret our minds when someone insults our own values. Therefore, we must avoid provocation and allow everyone their opinions. Instead of provoking, we can seek to find new dimensions with which we can correct or strengthen our own world of values.

My world of values is strongly based on Coalition Party values . I also consciously try to use my values when I am the chairman of the Coalition Party of Aviapolis in Vantaa.

Freedom of choice and responsibility

Behind everything is the freedom to choose. However, freedom of choice comes at a price and its price is to take responsibility for what you do. How, then, is freedom of choice possible? It grows and grows from early childhood and continues through early childhood education and school through training for various professions to lifelong learning. The world is not ready, it is changing all the time, that is why we also need to change with the world.

Lifelong learning

Education lays the foundation for us to be able to build our own future safely. Securing our own future also allows us to secure the safety of our loved ones. Education teaches us to identify external factors to which we need to be able to respond and act properly. As a result of our studies, we learned to act better as bridge builders than as bridge breakers. Part of the civilization brought about by education is an interest in difference and respect for those who disagree. Everyone must have the right to disagree in a civilized way, and there is no need to provoke.


The right to learn is made possible even before the actual school and the responsibility for this early childhood education lies with each of us in turn. It is therefore particularly important that families are supported immediately after the birth of a child and informed about the importance of early childhood education before school. The basic rules of life are learned at this stage and are supplemented throughout life.


It is worth remembering that the world we live in is changing all the time, which requires us to learn new things all the time. Learning does not end with having attended basic education and possibly studied one profession. Learning is the key to being able to adapt to constant change. The best way to learn is proactive learning, which unfortunately is not entirely possible, but as technology advances, we can also use artificial intelligence to predict trends in different things, allowing us to plan training with their help as well.

Continuous change is a new constant

Expanding your comfort zone is one of the best ways to learn to tolerate the changes around us. Internationality is constantly more and more present in our daily lives, so the ability to adapt to new things quickly makes it easier to cope with everyday life. The ability to change according to the demands of time is part of thinking about the future.

Sustainable development and reduction of consumption

From an environmental point of view, the effort to reduce consumption is at the top of the list. Sustainability does not always mean having to buy the latest possible device that pollutes less, but the whole life cycle of the device must also be included in the figure. Sometimes staying old and repairing it can be much more ecological than getting a new one. The technology can be used to automate things, making productivity more efficient with less environmental impact.


Life cycle thinking must be an integral part of all consumption-related activities. It is not enough that a product does not produce pollutants in use, but its manufacture produces significant amounts of pollutants. The more pollutants are produced during manufacture, the longer the product must have a service life in order to eliminate contaminants during the manufacturing process.

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