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Why am I running for election in the 2022 REGIONAL election?

What makes a good candidate? By holding before the election, everyone promises whatever they want to please voters. The reality is a little different; the Member of Parliament, the municipal councilor or (possible provincial councilor) alone cannot decide anything. The same applies to all parties as a single party, as we do not have a one-party system and no party will win an absolute majority in any election. The only way to really get things moving is to be able to work with other parties as well.

Why would I be a good option?

Long experience in getting things done


With almost 30 years of experience in IT process development, project work and project management, I can say that I am also able to make rational and informed decisions in a rapidly changing situation.


My long experience gives me the ability to cooperate as needed. Achieving a goal is not always easy and in some situations a compromise solution is the enabling factor for reaching the finish line. However, it must be remembered that a good foundation is behind all decisions, i.e. there will also be situations where the game has to be blown across.

Privacy and general security are important

In my previous work, my duties included e.g. security and privacy issues. That work gave me the ability to respond to these threats in a timely manner and with sufficient priority. Possible exceptional situations in these areas can be dealt with minimal damage.


This understanding has become particularly significant during the spring 2021 pandemic, as data breaches and identity theft have increased significantly, including in Finland.

Welfare and availability of services

The situation in the spring of 2021 will affect how Vantaa's services will have to be changed or possibly even reduced. During the current year, the current services and their future will be reviewed. This work will continue in the next term.

What are the services that need to be discontinued and outsourced? In my own work experience, all other services are outsourced except for decision making. Whether outsourcing then makes sense is often the place for a critical debate.

Basic services can be purchased as a purchase service in the future. The purchasing service also allows for better quality control and addressing the shortcomings of service delivery. The purchasing service is limited to the actual service, not to unnecessary bureaucracy.

Ensuring general resilience and ability to function

In addition to my work, I work as a small business in well-being and nutrition counseling, where my main goal is people's general resilience and ability to function, as well as their lifestyle. General well-being is a right for all of us and we need it to be able to work healthy until we retire.


My background as a small entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to look at things from the perspective of an entrepreneur as well, so I try to enable them to continue to have the ability to function.

Foreign students and working in Finland

About 20,000 foreign students study in Finland every year. Approximately 5,000 of these graduates annually. Some of these graduates would also like to work in Finland, but quite often this is not possible. The reason for this employment is often language, but even more often local bureaucracy. It could also be a place of consideration to support these students for tax purposes if they decide to work in Finland despite all the challenges.

It is in the interest of all of us that these well-educated and motivated people can also use their skills in Finland. Although foreign students pay tuition fees, some of the studies are still paid for in tax money, so why not support the employment of these students to the best of our ability. The tuition fee they paid could be deducted for tax purposes during the first two years of employment as a normal tax deduction.


Personally, I will do my best to ensure that foreign students in the Vantaa area can also find that job after their studies.

Immigration and the refugee issue

There are many types of immigration that are not normally distinguished from each other, but all immigrants are bundled under one group.


Work-based immigration is a vital condition for Finland and also for Vantaa in the future. Our own indigenous population is shrinking all the time, so new taxpayers are bound to get more so that the well-being of us all can continue. Only active taxpayers allow the existence of a service sector like the current one.

Refugee affairs are then the second chapter in this category. Some refugees seek to enter Finland only for free maintenance, and do not even seek to integrate into our society. Of course, there are also those whose distress is real, in which case help for them is justified. There are also those refugees in real need of help who really also want to integrate into our society and move into employment or entrepreneurship as soon as possible. I want to help these people get into this society as painlessly as possible.


A better way would be to try to help people already in their areas of origin, if at all possible. In this way, it would be possible to reduce or even eliminate the number of refugees seeking to erroneously.

I am about 20 years lived the life of being married to an immigrant, so I have also seen those pitfalls that immigrants experience in this society. Some of the pitfalls are such that one just has to wonder how anyone even wants to strive for this country.


Who can vote in the REGIONAL elections?

If you are a citizen of Finland, another EU country, Norway or Iceland and you are 18 years old at the latest on election day. In addition, your municipality has been the polling station in question (Vantaa or Kerava) for the last 51 days before election day.

If you are a citizen of any other state and you are 18 years old no later than election day. In addition, your community has been that polling station for the last 51 days before the election. In addition, you must have lived in Finland for at least two consecutive years in Finland.


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